Pluie de Rêves is born from the passion for sewing but also from the will to share. The idea is to create women and kids accessories completely handmade by its French founder, Emilie Lancelot. All the accessories are made with a particular attention to details in order to provide customers with top quality products.

The Brand

Pluie de Rêves Emilie Lancelot

Pluie de Rêves is a French brand of women and kids accessories (pencil cases, bags, tablet or computer pouches…) handmade from A to Z by its founder, Emilie Lancelot. She picks fabrics, creates the patterns and sews, inspired by her travels and expatriation. A mum to 2 little boys, she wants to make people dream through her work. Pluie de Rêves means « Rain of Dreams » in French. She is currently based in Jeddah. Order now 😉

Custom Made

accessoires couture sur mesure

Pluie de Rêves is also about making sure customers are 100% satisfied with the creations they receive. That’s the reason why we are ready to work hard. Conceiving tailor made accessories is something we are ready to do. You can also ask to add an embroided name on a pencil case or pouch. Emilie has many beautiful fabrics you can choose from. Contact her to discuss about your ideas.


Pluie de Rêves atelier couture à Jeddah

Emilie wants to share her sewing passion with others. So, once a month, she opens her door to women keen to learn a new skill. The sewing workshops are limited to 5 participants and are accessible to complete beginners. Each month, the participants make a new project they will leave with at the end of the session. The sewing workshops take place in Jeddah where Emilie is currently based with her family.

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